Industrial Standard Masterbatch
Industrial Standard Masterbatch for Every Products

KASAKATA MASTERBATCH have meet International Standard and Halal Certified, ensuring your products safe and available for all markets

Excellent Masterbatch
Excellent Masterbatch Product

We make Reliability, Performance & Consistency our priorities

Legacy of Quality
Legacy of Quality

With more than 20 years experience in this industry, we proudly introduce that we are expert in standardize and specialized solution (standard and tailormade masterbatch) with defined process, in order to produce high quality product.

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Indonesia Leading Masterbatch Producer for Multi Purpose Industrial Colorant and Additive

PT Kasakata Kimia is an Indonesian company specialising in masterbatch production. We guarantee to present specific high quality products that meet our customers’ needs by utilising advanced technology and quality sources to create standard and custom-made masterbatch.

Engineers, chemists, technicians, and other industry specialists collaborate to become a centre of excellence at KASAKATA in order to provide great and efficient products to our clients.

The continuous development of systems and products has been driven by close collaboration with customers. KASAKATA collaborates closely with customers to deliver what they require for their processes, as well as innovative product developments in a variety of industries.

Industries Utilising KASAKATA Products

Our products and services have been widely used by the following plastic industries


Color of the packaging is promoted as a key factor to attracts customers and an important role in customer’s buying decision. Brilliant colours and consistent quality of masterbatch, is the most important consideration in producing excellent packaging.



Furniture manufacturers are now using plastics as replacement of main component limited source such wood, natural rattan and metal in their products. Customers’ purchasing decisions are highly influenced by furniture’s color richness and durable products


Plastic has been used more as a suitable cost-effective material in the construction industry. Variety of masterbatch optimizing result of construction products. The consistency of quality and stability of color ensures that your products meet international standards.

Suitable Product :

Kasalen, Kasavinyl



In addition to appealing colors, products that meet food packaging standards and eco friendly are required for houseware and kitchenware. Kasakata has a masterbatch product line that is ideal for this industry’s requirements.

Suitable Product :

Kasalen, Kasastyrene


Plastic is used extensively in the automotive industry and will always be a part of it. Durable products with bright and long-lasting colors are the key reasons for plastic products’ competitiveness in the automotive industry.

Suitable Product :

Kasavinyl, Kasastyrene, Kasalen


Sport & Leisures

Sport and leisures industry is expanding at an incredible rate. Attractive and innovation colors trend are not the only criteria. With the amount of light and weather condition that these product exposed to, durability are important

Companies Entrusted Coloring and Additive Solution to KASAKATA MASTERBATCH