Additive For Durability

Why we use additives of Durability?

  • Extend life of the product
  • Improve functional properties
  • Provide aesthetic factor and value selling point

1. UV Stabilizer

UV radiation can cause damaged in system of polymer, it will effect in reduces color, physical, and mechanical properties. In order to extend the service life of product and minimize damaged by UV radiation, It can be prevent using UV Stabilizer.

Kasa UV Stabilizer masterbatch offer complete packaged stabilization for thermoplastic applications and give benefits:

  • Extend service life of products
  • Maintain properties of plastic products
  • Aesthetic factor and value selling point

Applications: Agriculture, furniture, construction, automotive, and others.

UV Stabilizer

2. Antioxidant

Thermal degradation or autoxidation can occur during processing of polymers, supply chain, and storage. It makes changing in melt flow index, odor formation, yellowing, and brittleness.

Kasa Antioxidant masterbatch, will helps to prevent thermal degradation and provide long term stability.

Application: Household, textile, automotive, construction, others.


3. Flame Retardant

Most thermoplastic are flammable, burning easily when heated to a high enough temperature.

Flame or fire retardants are added to polymer formulations in order to reduce the risk of fire.

Kasa Flame Retardant masterbatch is designed to increase the product’s resistance to fire, so it doesn’t burn easily

Applications: Electrical, textile, household, building and construction

Flame Retardant

4. Anti-Termite Rodent

Rodent and termite can cause damage of plastic product, such as cable and drip irrigation pipe.

Kasa Anti-Termite Rodent masterbatch, will helps will improves durability plastic products to termite and rodent.

Applications: Electrical, building and construction.

Anti-Termite Rodent