Additive For Process

Why we use additives of process?

  • To improves process efficiency
  • Minimize problems and defects product
  • Improves quality product

1. Polymer Processing Agent

Polymer Processing Agent will help manufacturers improve both quality and output product, can reduce common processing issues like die build-up and melt fracture.

Kasa PPA masterbatch  will gives the benefits; better surface quality, less waste, increased productivity, and a smoother process.

Applications: Packaging, household, textile, and others.

Polymer Processing Agent

2. Anti-Block/ Slip Agent

Plastic films show a tendency to stick together, and make them difficult to separate in processing steps, for example in packaging film applications.

Kasa Anti-blocking/Slip masterbatch will helps modify surface of polymer and minimize blocking, especially for thin application.

Applications: Film Packaging, home appliance, infrastructure.


3. Releasing Agent

Release agent is divided two category, external and internal, internal are added to plastics to prevent molded object sticking to the mold surface

Kasa Releasing Agent masterbatch category is internal lubricant, and will gives the benefit: smooth release from mold, improve surface quality, and reduce cycle time.

Applications: Food packaging, household, home appliances, others.

Releasing Agent

4. Purging Agent

Purging agent is a polymer compound base product designed to clean thermoplastic molding (extruders, injection and blow moldings)

Kasa Purging Agent masterbatch will gives the benefits:

  • Contaminant reduction
  • Material lost reduction
  • Saving cost and times

Applications: packaging, household, home appliances, others.

Purging Agent

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