Additive For Properties

Why we use additives of properties?

  • To enhances physical, mechanical, optical, and surface modification

  • Provide cost saving, aesthetic factor and value selling point

1. Impact Modifier

Some plastics are inherent of brittle, especially for recycle materials. To improves strength and elasticity we should be adding impact modifier additive.

Kasa Impact Modifier masterbatch, are designed for thermoplastic applications and gives the benefits:

  • Elasticity improvement
  • Toughness and flexural improvement
  • Adhesion improvement

Applications: Packaging, construction, household, textile, and sports


2. Nucleating and Clarifying Agent

PP is a widely used in diverse applications due to its excellent combination of properties (optical and mechanical). To enhances clarity and mechanical properties of PP we should adding nucleator/clarifier additives.

Kasa Nucleating and Clarifying Agent masterbatch will increase temperature of crystallization  PP and gives the advantages:

  • Excellent transparency
  • Good stiffness and impact balance
  • Good dimensional and thermal stability
  • Cycle time reduction

Applications: Food packaging, household, automotive, and construction.

Nucleating and Clarifying Agent

3. Chemical Foaming Agent (Endothermic)

Chemical foaming agent is an additive used to form a porous structure in polymers, through a process of thermal decomposition and gas release.

Kasa Foaming Agent masterbatch will gives the benefits:

  • Weight reduction
  • Sink mark reduction
  • Material savings
  • Cost reduction

Applications: Consumer goods, automotive, packaging, and others.

Chemical Foaming Agent

4. Optical Brightening Agent

Optical brightening agent is polymer additive can absorb UV light then emit visible blue light to masking yellowing of polymers and make the product more bright (whitish or bluish).

Kasa Brightening Agent masterbatch will gives the advantages:

  • Masking of yellowing polymers
  • Improve brightness

Applications: Home appliance, electrical, packaging, infrastructure.

5. Anti-static Agent

Polymers are generally good insulators, but they can build up high electrostatic charges. Static electricity may cause handling problems of plastic goods, dust contamination, and risk of electrical discharges.

Kasa Antistatic Agent masterbatch are mainly based migratory antistatic mechanism and effective for reduces electrostatic charges and these potential problems.

Applications: Packaging, construction, home appliances, electronic, and others.

Anti-static Agent