Eco-Friendly Foaming Agent Solutions for Various Applications

Mar 8, 2022 | News & Article

The trend related to consumer awareness of environmental sustainability continues to experience a significant increase. According to data compiled by Nielsen in Sustainable Shoppers: Buy the Change They Wish to See in the World, 81% of consumers want the company’s contribution to improving environmental conditions.

Consumer awareness of environmental responsibility is more prevalent among young people, such as millennials (85%) and Gen Z (80%). And over 73% of consumers claim they are ready to switch to more environmentally friendly products. And 41% said they prefer products made from natural and organic.

Realizing this, Kasakata Kimia launched the product Kasaplast Foaming Agent. Kasaplast foaming agent is our newest product with a sustainable and environmentally friendly concept.

Chemical Foaming agents can be added to the solid polymer before heating instead of injecting nitrogen or fluorocarbons into the fluidized polymer. KASAKATA MASTERBATCH offers a complete range of foaming agent materials that can be customized for various specific applications.

Advantages of Kasaplast Foaming Agent

Kasaplast foaming agent offers beneficial benefits for your brand, including;

  • Lightweight product
  • No ammonia smell/non-toxic
  • Food contact
  • Lower process temperature (compared to azo)

Suitable To Use For

Kasaplast Foaming Agent is suitable for the following products:

  • Household products
  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Building
  • Construction

Suppose you want to innovate by creating products that are more environmentally friendly. In that case, you can add Kasaplast Foaming Agent to help make your products more quality and environmentally friendly.

You can contact the Kasakata Kimia team for more detailed information about Kasaplast Foaming Agent. Entrust your masterbatch to Chemical Words.