Kasakata Introduces Anti-Warpage Masterbatch for Polyolefin

Mar 17, 2022 | News & Article

Every brand engaged in the plastics industry wants its products to have the best quality. With exemplary quality, it will certainly positively impact the sales side.

Produce the best quality products, of course, we need the proper treatment and raw materials to produce an output under the quality standards that your brand has determined. One thing that plastic brand manufacturers avoid is the occurrence of warpage on the product.

What is warpage?

Warpage is an unconventional bending or twisting out of the shape of a plastic part that is easily recognizable. Warpage does alter not only the dimensions, but also the contour and angles of the dimension. The cause of unnatural bent can be heating, cooling, or dampening.

Cause of warpage

Many factors cause warpage. However, if we look at the research results, it is stated that the non-uniform flow of plastic material caused the cause of warpage in the mold cavity and the non-uniform cooling of the mold.

There is also a mention that warpage often occurs because of non-isotropic shrinkage behavior. Well, different shrinkage variations can cause distortion deviations such as;

  • By additional cooling through the thickness of the part
  • Different shrinkage because of regional thickness difference in the part
  • In parallel and transversal direction of the material flow

Solution of warpage?

  1. Choose the suitable material

Choose the suitable material; polymer or pigment, which have good dimensional stability

  1. Good mold design

In addition to the material, you need to design the right mold to reduce the occurrence of warpage.

  1. Modify injection molding

Modify setting in injection molding, adjust cooling time and temperature Such as setting the cooling time and temperature.

  1. Additional additive anti-warpage

Providing anti-warpage additives can also help minimize the occurrence of warpage in your products.

Kasakata Anti-Warpage Masterbatch

Warpage is one of the overall problems in injection molding that concern, starting from simple aesthetics to affecting overall function.

An anti-warpage masterbatch has been developed to provide a solution to these warpage issues, particularly for injection molding applications.

Anti-warpage masterbatch will offer the following benefits:

  • Minimize warpage problem
  • Improves impact strength
  • Improves quality products

So, those were tips on how to deal with warpage on your plastic products. In addition to paying attention to every production process that you do, you need to add an Anti-warpage masterbatch to your material to avoid warpage.

You can contact our team for more detailed information about the Anti-Warpage Masterbatch. Entrust your masterbatch to Kasakata Kimia.